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Protect Your Eyes with Routine Eye Exams

A beautiful sunset, your kids playing in the park, the smile on your grandmother’s face. Your eyes help you see so many beautiful things in this world. And we want to help you maintain strong, healthy eyesight for life

Our eye exams at Total Vision Solana Beach go above and beyond a regular exam. In fact, we often call them “eye health exams” because we use advanced diagnostic technology to get a complete, 360° picture of your eye health and overall health. Our vision care includes assessing your visual skills, looking for signs of eye diseases, and providing specialty eye services like contact lens fittings and dry eye therapy.

Our team of eye doctors is always excited to see our patients! For eye exams in Solana Beach, please call us to book an eye exam.

Why Are Eye Exams Important?

Eye exams are an essential part of preventive health care. They give your optometrist a unique view of your overall health, detect and prevent sight loss caused by vision-threatening eye diseases, and manage eye conditions to help you achieve clear, comfortable vision. 

Many eye diseases progress without noticeable symptoms in their early stages. Because of this, patients may be unaware they have a problem that could affect their sight, making eye exams a key tool for vision protection. 

We’ve invested in several advanced diagnostic technologies that allow us to uncover eye health problems before they can cause long-term damage. Our team is trained and experienced in diagnosing:

How Often Are Eye Exams Needed?

The American Optometric Association (AOA) recommends that low-risk adults between 18 and 64 undergo a comprehensive eye exam every 2 years. Adults over 65 should have a comprehensive eye exam every year because they’re more susceptible to developing age-related eye conditions that can impact their eye health, vision, and quality of life.No matter your age or health, routine eye exams are vital for helping you maintain crisp, clear, and comfortable vision. We’ll likely want to see you annually, even if you’re not over 65, so we can really get to know you and your eyes. From there, we’ll recommend a more personalized exam schedule based on your unique eye care needs.

Start Your Eye Health Journey Today

Our team at Total Vision Solana Beach is excited to help you and your family discover the benefits of routine eye care. Visit us today to browse our selection of family-friendly eyewear or call us to book an eye exam.

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You can find us off Interstate 5 in Solana Beach Towne Centre. There’s plenty of parking including tons of accessibility stalls.  

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